Taiwan has long been renowned throughout the world for its hospitality. It has received top rankings in the "best places for expats" and "quality of life" categories by InterNations, one of the most popular websites for expats worldwide. Taiwan has won over people's hearts internationally with its unique combination of friendliness, convenient lifestyle, and a safe living environment. To let the world see this beautiful island country, and feel its warmth and vitality, we invite foreign visitors to stay overnight at the Office of the President free of charge. This will be the first time this experience is available anywhere in the world. Welcome to Taiwan!

Photo by Taiwan Tourism Bureau

From the Promotional Ambassador

Hi everyone, I'm Hsin Hsuan Hsieh, also known as CC. I am very excited and honored to be the promotional ambassador for Spend A Night @ Taiwan's Presidential Office Building. You might know me from the Best Job in the World campaign by Tourism Australia back in 2013.It was through that experience that I began to see the infinite possibilities of this world.

Traveling offers me the opportunity to extract myself from everyday life and embark on a journey, to learn to listen to my own voice and to explore myself. Through interacting with people or reaching the far ends of the world, one gets to feel the rhythm of life in the real world and to realize how invigorating and touching it is to be alive.
Taiwan: Starting Point of My Global Adventure
Taiwan's abundant natural resources are priceless treasures.We have a wide variety of national parks, magnificent mountains and our beloved ocean, not to mention our national pride—delicious fruits and vegetables available in all seasons. Countless foreign visitors have loved the taste of Taiwan's delicious fruits, and remember them fondly.

Taiwan offers convenient transport systems, delicious street foods as well as Michelin restaurants, and whenever you're hungry at any time of day, you are always only a few steps away from a convenience store. Even late at night, it is still safe to be out and about.

I really look forward to the Spend A Night @ Taiwan's Presidential Office Building program! We might be the very first country in the world to open up its leader's office building for backpackers to stay overnight. This is not only an exciting event, but an opportunity for the world to learn about Taiwan in-depth. I hope the world won't only learn about Taiwan online via social media, and that people from all over get to travel here to experience our way of life, and warm hospitality. Hospitality is what makes me crazy about traveling!

We hope that the Spend A Night @ Taiwan's Presidential Office Building program is just a starting point, giving travelers a chance to explore the whole island, blaze their own trail, and create unique memories of Taiwan.

Once you're in Taiwan, you'll feel you don't want to leave.

Key Visual Design Concept

Taiwan has been voted the friendliest country in the world by international travelers numerous times, with a tourism brand built by the concerted efforts of all citizens. To allow selected international travelers to Spend A Night @ Taiwan's Presidential Office Building, and be fully immersed in an authentic Taiwan experience, the key visual design will use elements with a distinctive Taiwanese flavor as the starting point for the travelers' experience.

Key Visual Design

The Office of the President was built during the Japanese colonial period, and its image has always been solemn, mysterious, and distant. To change this perception, the key visual design concepts are friendliness and kindness. The logo has a clever touch of vintage Taiwanese style, with a popular English font typically found on signs back in the early days. The key visual draws inspiration from an "open door" as a symbol of Taiwan welcoming the world.

Supplementary Graphics

Supplementary graphics include basic elements of a home: a window and terrazzo floor. The window represents hope, freedom and a portal to the world; the terrazzo floor is a traditional Taiwanese architectural element. The soothing coolness of bare feet on terrazzo is a shared memory for many Taiwanese. The design uses the pattern of a terrazzo floor to represent not just the flavor of Taiwan, but also the human warmth and hospitality that awaits every traveler. The key visual's color scheme has a warm pink base, accompanied by the brick red of the Office of the President, and the light gray of a terrazzo floor, with the overall palette representing Taiwan's warm and friendly nature.