Taiwan has long been renowned throughout the world for its hospitality. It has received top rankings in the "best places for expats" and "quality of life" categories by InterNations, one of the most popular websites for expats worldwide. Taiwan has won over people's hearts internationally with its unique combination of friendliness, convenient lifestyle, and a safe living environment. To let the world see this beautiful island country, and feel its warmth and vitality, we invite foreign visitors to stay overnight at the Office of the President free of charge. This will be the first time this experience is available anywhere in the world. Welcome to Taiwan!

Photo by Taiwan Tourism Bureau

10 International Groups Reflect on a Worthy Experience

This is a one-of-a-kind "one night in the Office of the President" experience that has never been had in any other nation and might never be experienced again.

Group from Korea

Taiwan's allure is largely due to its people, as well as its resilience and vigor in the face of numerous historical upheavals.

Group from Japan

Taiwan strikes me as being vibrant, colorful, and tolerant. Every part of the country is home to a unique and rich food culture that delights the taste buds of Europeans.

Group from Hungary

Taiwan's liberal and welcoming social climate is reflected in every nook and cranny, whether it be the political system or the workplace, where gender equality is obvious.

Group from India

Taiwan is not only hospitable and tolerant, but also like a blank sheet of paper that has been colored by various diverse ethnic groups and cultures to create a very beautiful pattern.

Group from the US and Germany

While many nations build walls to safeguard their interests, a small Asian nation is tearing down barriers and reaching out in friendship, creating new possibilities.

Group from Thailand

The "most concrete, interesting and original" manifestation of Taiwanese hospitality is the willingness to let "strangers" stay in the Office of the President.

Group from France

Taiwan has proven to be the most open nation in Asia, with no closed societies, the freedom to speak one's mind, and an openness to and acceptance of other cultures.

Group from Israel

Taiwanese people are friendly and hospitable, and they can put anyone at ease as they let their guard down.

Group from Canada

Taiwan is a wonderful place with fantastic cuisine, simple and quick transportation, warm and welcoming locals, and cheap living costs. Where else could you go that would be better than this country?

Group from Poland

Key Visual Design Concept

Taiwan has been voted the friendliest country in the world by international travelers numerous times, with a tourism brand built by the concerted efforts of all citizens. To allow selected international travelers to Spend A Night @ Taiwan's Presidential Office Building, and be fully immersed in an authentic Taiwan experience, the key visual design will use elements with a distinctive Taiwanese flavor as the starting point for the travelers' experience.

Key Visual Design

Incorporating a bit of vibrancy and excitement, the color scheme will present the image of "Taiwan = home," encouraging visitors from all over the world to make their homes in Taiwan and become a part of the country's special brand of warmth and human touch after their one-night stay at the Office of the President.

Supplementary Graphics

The iron windows common in Taiwanese street scenes serve as the basis for the supplementary graphics, which then link the symbolism of hope and freedom represented by the windows to a flexible presentation of the window pattern in the visual, representing the wide range of humanities to be found in Taiwan. At the same time, the vintage bathtub is used as inspiration to create a homey atmosphere with fancy tiles that carry the childhood memories of Taiwanese people, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in Taiwanese culture and experience the comfort of a traditional Taiwanese family's embrace.